Cognac François Voyer, producer of finesse!

17 October 2023

François Voyer’s 28 hectares of vineyards are located in the Grande Champagne region, the Premier Cru of Cognac, known for producing eaux-de-vie with aromatic power and qualities suitable for long-term aging. François Voyer Cognac is a family-run Cognac house that is passionate about every detail of its production.

The cognac house François Voyer transferred to its cellar master and oenologist Pierre Vaudon in 2017 to perpetuate its identity.

Their cognacs develop the typical aromas as they age. The notes of pear, banana or even blackberry in the white eaux de vie are quickly complemented after distillation by the first aromas of oak from the barrels. This combination reveals floral aromas in the young cognacs, which then develop into fruity aromas (peaches, plums, apricots, walnuts and hazelnuts). The aging process leads to spicy (cinnamon, pepper) and complex notes (leather, incense, cedar).

The vineyards are in Verrières and Ambleville, and cognac has been produced there since 1870. There is mainly Ugni blanc planted. But recently Folle Blanche was also reintroduced, for the first results we have to be patient.

10% to 20% of each harvest matures for 3 years in new barrels and then in old barrels to refine the aromas. For this, they use French oak from the Limousin region, but also from forests such as Bercée, Le Gâvre or Reno Valdieu. The natural atmosphere in the cellars is more or less humid and influences the finesse or suppleness of the bouquet. Moisture softens eaux de vie, while dry cellars refine them.

Every year, 10,000 bottles evaporate from François Voyer’s cellars. In 1 hour, 1 liter of brandy evaporates from the stock. Through natural evaporation, these cognacs reach 40% full in 50 to 60 years. Distilled water is regularly added to the youngest blends. As a result, young, reduced cognacs will be less dense in flavor than old cognacs concentrated by natural evaporation.

The range is classic, with a range of younger expressions, as well as exceptionally old assemblages and vintage bottles. The House of Voyer cherishes traditional knowledge and has an enormous focus on perfectionism. This combined with hard work and you have an excellent match. Definitely one of our favorite cognac houses as they brilliantly manage to set the bar very high throughout the entire range and bottle absolute uncompromising and very recognizable quality.

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Friday, October 20, 2023 we will also launch 2 own bottlings from this great cognac house:

* cognac #26 “Monsieur Doute” (Lot 77) – Malternative Belgium (François Voyer) – 48.7% 70c
cognac François Voyer Lot77 – 48,7% alcohol – 70cl – cru : grande champagne – one of 214 bottles. bottled 17/03/2023

* cognac #27 “Le Sourire” (Lot 28) – Malternative Belgium (François Voyer) – 41.0% 70cl
cognac François Voyer Lot28 – 41,0% alcohol – 70cl – cru : grande champagne – one of 42 bottles coming from a demi john . bottled 21/07/2023 (Belgian national holliday)